Fugitive Killers California

"Most wanted for murder in the golden state"

California Fugitive Killers most wanted for homicide in the greater metropolitan areas such as, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose and San Diego.

The state of California with a population of approximately 36,961,664 is plagued with killer fugitives, so many that we must give the state it's own directory! However, it should not be misunderstood that California is a congregation point for homicidal maniacs. In fact, the murder rate in California has decreased, and part of this decease can be contributed to the public promotion and awareness of the existence of these fugitives at large in California's communities. Obviously, Californians do not want homicidal fugitives roaming their streets. Likewise, Americans living in other states do not want California's fugitive killers migrating into their communities. So, it should be clearly understood that this listing of most wanted California Fugitive Killers is not just meant for Californians. On the contrary, it is meant to raise the awareness of all Americans nationally of the existence of these transient killers roaming our country eventually settling in our neighborhoods to evade justice.

The United States justice system considers all defendants innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, in our publications we attempt to present information in a manner to collaborate that there is indeed evidence available to hunt the accused fugitive. Additionally, it should not be misconstrued that we are stating any subject fugitive is guilty or innocent, we just want them apprehended and justice served. Now, having clearly stated our position, let's take a look at what California has to offer?

Most Wanted Fugitive Killers
Most Wanted Fugitive Killers


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